To Search Visual Method Transformed by Creative Idea.

We Are a Creative Design Group founded on the everyday art and Technology.

What We Say: Some Words from Researcher

A researcher, Yoo SeoA and Park Sora majored in Fine Art(Painting) at the undergraduate school. UBIA Lab train them to use art and design applied digital media to maximize the expression and technical understanding of their work. _Aliceon Interview |

Researcher 2013-2014

I’m a ballerina and I’m studying at the UBIA Lab to plan a solo performance using the media. For this, research is carried out using complex technologies such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

Researcher Uook JiMin 2018

Our Creative Process Produces Results

What we’re doing is what we’re thinking. Everything will come from our creativity. That’s why our result, what we do, will be different.


Level 1: It is to develop the ability to produce contents with a new approach to design methodology for visually innovating ideas. What we’re thinking will be the start point of developing creative idea.


Level 2 : Our expression will be  creator-centered which means expert-centered thoughts. Such a thoughts will be different and have an originality. We observe ourselves as user and use different approach to develop idea.


Level 3: We should figure out what we think and what kind of idea we want to develop. Also we should know that idea is important for what and for whom. Original ideas cannot be found in others. That’s why original idea could include novelty. Also idea should help our lives better. It’s worthy.


Level 4: How to express your thoughts is that idea comes to real world. This is to visualize the idea. The visualization methods are various. The most important point is visualization elements should be represented differently depending on the characteristics of the media.


Whether our intentions are adequately expressed is to analyze whether or not thoughts are effectively expressed. Analyzing the visual appropriateness of the ideas to communicate, rather than analyzing the user’s satisfaction with the communication, will lead to differentiated visual output including novelty.

What we thinking is a valuable attempt in esthetic sense.

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Analytic Approach